Trash Day!!!

Love, as deep as the Ocean,

The bottom of which no one sees.

Yet I trust

It exists!

I close my eyes,

Breathe in slowly

And question my feelings:

Is there an end to Motherly love?

Layer upon layer are being peeled,

To reveal the Infinite.


Of all Motherly Loves,”

The Wise One says,

“Then, you will understand!”

Words are being thrown

Into the Mother’s  heart!

They disappear slowly and

Leave no trace!

The knives are swallowed,

The heart closes.

Millions of knives are being felt,

Locked in the darkness

Of  a confused, devastated,

Motherly heart…

“LOOK!!!” says the Wise one,

While the shinny coins overflow her pockets,

“Look, we could see NOTHING!!!”

Therefore nothing exists…

Aim knives at your Mother’s heart…

The one who birthed you,

And nursed you days and nights on end!

If the wound is smooth and the knives no more,

The chapter ended…

On 1400793107583 careful examination,

It  smells…

A magnifying glass reveals


Tomorrow is


Invisible, who cares that

Your Mother’s heart is in

Excruciating pain?

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