Tips From a Bitch on How to Get what One Wants

20140905_151304100_1180IMG_0003She is black, sleek and always in a good mood, nothing could phase Lola, who, as the song goes always gets what she wants!

In spite of the “black dog syndrome,” plaguing our society in the 21 Century, I adopted Lola, and wanted her to be totally black. Black makes a statement of elegance and self-confidence. After all, why do so many people dress in black for special events? Every woman, or almost, has her “black dress.” One cannot go wrong with being dressed in black, and if you are going to a funeral stay dressed in black, if to a wedding, get some red or purple accents (shawls, jewelry etc) and you are suddenly in a good mood!

I rescued Lola about two years ago, because dogs are pack animals and it is nice to have company.
I already had Sophie, who at age 14 doesn’t want to be bothered, but still plays with Lola. They even talk to one another. Lola always complains about this and that and Sophie, as the wise bitch that she is, ignores her. The inter-generational communication seems to benefit both.

The relationship is totally different between Duke, a beautiful male boxer age 7, and Lola.
I have observed their interactions and it JUST crossed my mind we could all learn from Lola, a thing or two…
Lola’s goal in life seems to be food! Being a lab mix, I was told this is normal. However, it so happens, the boxer’s goal seems to be the same: food!

When I feed them, in different parts of the room, to make sure they know which is their food, Lola seems to be a vacuum for anything that I feed or not feed her and she decides to eat anyway! She is always done eating first!

Duke, who also loves his food, eats it slowly, enjoying every bite.
Lola, after finishing what’s rightfully hers, approaches him slowly, and as innocently as possible starts leaking and cleaning HIM, his entire body, as she slowly approaches her goal: his food!
Duke, is in Heaven. Who wouldn’t like to eat his favorite food while being gently touched by a beautiful younger…bitch???

By the time she reaches his front paws, she is also eating his food and Duke, who always defended what was HIS, is not growling… He barely notices that she is suddenly in his bowl, eating his food.

I was amused by this observation, but then I thought we, the “know it all” humans, could learn a lesson from Lola.

A popular saying states: “YOU COULD GET MORE USING HONEY!

So, next time I will be tempted to get something by using force and anger, I will recall the image of Lola, who always gets what she wants.
Here are the photos of the characters in question.

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