How to Tell for Sure which Day It Is!!!

I am not an expert in the history of calendars and how it all came to be. I assume the central NEED was to be in an important place at the same time as everyone else, or whoever you wanted to meet (a date?).

Keeping in mind this short history, which I invented using my common sense, i would like to share a story, which as all stories on this blog are true.
For weeks, I have been looking forward to this one day trip to New York City. ONE DAY, so my neighbor would feed the dogs, etc.

Between the few activities I have scheduled and writing and watching Netflix, and writing again and working on my laptop, sometimes, let’s be honest, many times, the days and nights become a blur and the result is my personal time zone!
I was really looking forward to Monday. printed the e-ticket, almost had a heart attack looking at the price of $95 Round Trip, Harrisburg, PA to New York City. Thank you AmTrak! for taking my dogs treats. All set, I called my nice neighbors to make sure we were still “on.” My friend said, they are so sorry, they were out of town until tomorrow night. Okay, I thought, so he has Monday off, I guess the dogs will be okay…
I set my alarm on two cells for 7:00 AM to be on a 9:00 AM train.
I was so nervous that I woke up at 6:00 AM worried about it all, dogs, parrot, trip…
I drank my coffee, went in the garden, meditated, meaning tried to stop my mind from racing and went to check my emails.
At some point, I figured it must have been 7:00 AM,or I was too efficient; why weren’t the ALARMS ringing??? Oh I concluded, both are broken. I checked a third clock which also showed Sunday, 7:30 AM
“God,” they are all wrong! Good thing I know better!”

Because I was all dressed and ready to go catch the train to NYC, I turned on the news.
I always watch NBC and what do you think NBC News said (to ME personally, as soon as I turned on the TV):

Today, Sunday, September 14!!!

So, if NBC agreed to all the broken alarms and clocks…my lesson is, IF NBC TOO, SAYS IS SUNDAY, IT IS!!!
Now I am determined to check my personal time zone and get it all in sync.
Instead, I went to church and now am reflecting on a wonderful message which I will share too We don’t obey the 10 commandments because that brings us to God, but because we are already with God. Our Pastor said it much better, but it was a bonus of mixing up the days of the week.
The major lesson, remains,
If NBC says it’s Sunday, it probably is!

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