The Fountain of Youth—TIMING and GREED!!!

I am writing a second post today just because I hope it will help my mood after writing again about stealing intellectual property=plagiarism.

This story is adapted after  an old European fairy tale, “The Fountain of Youth!”

Once upon a time, there was a very, very old couple. May be they were a 100 years old, may be more? Anyway they had bad arthritis and could barely walk, and in those times there were no electrical scooters. 

Somehow, a man came  one day, and knocked at their  cottage door in the woods.

Being kind, trusting people, the couple invited him in and fed him dinner. She could still cook sitting on a chair!

As the stranger was ready to leave, he said:

“You are kind people and because you treated me right, I will tell you a secret. The only requirement is to use it in moderation.”

Everyone agreed and the stranger disclosed:

“If you man there would be a well! But be careful, that is the WELL of YOUTH!!! For each glass you drink, you become 5 years younger. So, it is important to drink just the right amount.

The couple was beyond grateful. Thank God Alzeimer didn’t exist in those times, when animals were not fed with antibiotics and plants sprayed with pesticides,  and there was no global warming, so the old couple remembered the directions to the well!

Sure enough, they started to drink and just as the stranger told them, the years started to shed off.

At some point, the man said:

“Honey, you look beautiful, you look 20 and I feel strong and able and ready of action without viagara!

The woman looked in  her husband’s eyes, and  saw her own younger image and said:

“No… I know YOU, men!!! The younger I will be the better you will love me!  I’ll drink one more glass!”

The husband kind of agreed, knowing from his previous life that agreement with your wife was the only successful policy!

Oh and being romantic was another key! So, he walked around and picked up some daises for his new bride!

When he came back… he looked right, he looked left… She was no where to be found! As he was getting ready to leave, he heard a baby’s cry! He went around the well and wrapped in his wife’s huge dress, he saw a beautiful baby girl with her arms extended towards him! She was too young to speak… but the empty pale of water told the story!

He, picked her up and they went home. Thank God they had a cow and milk and he raised her as his own daughter.

From time to time, when the ages piled up on him, he tried to find the Well of Youth again, but he was unable to find it!  So, as she grew up, he grew older. At some point, it was  her turn to raise her now old ex-husband…




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