There are NO stupid question and Everything is possible –Where is a Will, There IS a Way!

I remember years ago, driving around with my husband and being what I defined as “lost.” He defined it as “misplaced,” and never ever did we stop to ASK for directions!!!  Hours were lost and gas, and aggravation because, let’s face it, it’s a “Men” thing to never humiliate themselves by asking for direction. Why? Remains a mystery???

A few days ago someone told me something I needed was  impossible, to not even ask!!!

I went home, and  of course, as always, reverse psychology worked on me like a charm. I called may be 7-8 people, got a lot of nos, but in the end  solved the “problem,” and then I wrote down most of the times when I was told no, it is impossible and yet, it was. I am tempted to tell you the story about how I saved my daughter’s life but if you go to Why They Call It The Practice of Medicine Post, which became a chapter in my published book, you could read that story.  So… for now, I settled on a lighter story and a caution for all kids DON’T do it! Times have changed!

My earliest memory of not giving up was when I was four years old. My nanny, who was also the cook, didn’t want to take me to the park to play. Making food, who was bringing her mom’s praise was more important. So… I thought, since I asked and warned her and was rejected, I’ll solve my problem myself. I watched until Mrs. Orban oh, yes, I was supposed to call her Mrs. as a sign of great respect, turned around to stir the soup. When she did, I carefully unlocked and opened the front door, and off I went to the park to play! I even solved the problem of crossing a busy street. A nice woman asked if I was alone and I said, “no, my nanny is behind, she is coming… to meet me in the park! ” The kind woman held my hand and here I was in the park.

I  assume Mrs. Orban discovered at some point when the soup was done,  that I disappeared and the soup suddenly wasn’t that important. She and my Mom searched and searched,  and finally found me in the park.

My mom, wanted to scare me, to teach me the lesson and asked a  strange young man to approach me and tell me children traffickers were all around looking for unaccompanied kids, to steal them and take them in slavery. The young man looked at me and,  said: “Sorry, look how happy she is playing! So cute! I can’t scare her!” and walked away.

The lack of candidates to scare me, made mom become the bad guy and yes, she spanked me and in Romania that was not considered child abuse, and amazingly I turned out okay and my butt is fine too!

Later, as I was trying to pass the hard exam to be accepted in the University my mom got me a tutor in English!

She disliked me deeply, or was perimenauposal because each time she saw me, her face bacame red as a boiled lobster. I was told by  this  tutor  I will never be able to put together two words in English. I was hopeless!!!,

I went home, and ask Mom to change my tutor who thought I was God’s gift to the English Language! I passed all my exams and graduated with Magnae Cum Laudae!

live in the USA, I have a B.A. in English and a MS in Psychology and wrote a published book  with great review, and numerous short stories and award winning poems. Surprise Ms. tutor, all in English.

Sometimes, when KEY people tell me, don’t ask, it will be a NO, I write down  pages of KEY situations, life changing events, when IF I followed the rules blindly  or stupid advice and I wouldn’t at east ASK, I would still be in some corner in Romania. But I am not. I am in the USA trying to share with you, to always ask and not assume it is not possible.

There was a book “You Could Negociate Anything.” I  don’t remember the author but am sure you could find the book on Amazon.

I don’t know about  “anything,” but what I know for sure is that “when there is a will, there is a way! “

Ask, insist and don’t give up assuming the worst. Of course, apply the rule to reasonable goals.

Not sure flying to the Moon  if you have a heart condition, or being an opera singer with no voice are situations in which insisting will bring positive results.

 However, If you are lost on some road in the dark, look for a gas station and ASK. Admit you were lost, not misplaced and this fact does not make a man less manly:)) Oh, ask at a gas station if you are  lost. Just saying, because once I went on  a date and my date wanted to call 911 because we were “misplaced,” on a country road!

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