Natural Healing for Everyone!!!

IMG_20130914_142828_798Our consumer-oriented culture tells us that unless we have money we are nobodies.  Is this true? How do we keep our self-esteem intact and souls unbroken, when the place we live, or the money we make and the places we eat at, define us as a poor majority and we are treated us as such: Condescending and with the superiority financial status seem to be  the “key” to the “respect” a superficial society bestowed or not on the less fortunate.

When I first moved in this area, and I must stress, in my over 35 years of life in the land of the free, MY country of choice, I never experienced the feeling that I needed to explain why I lived in an area and not across the river called here “the shore.” I didn’t even imagine such social separatism  still existeted  just two hours away from Philadelphia, a true melting pot and friendly city.

So, I had difficulties making this a “home,” understanding something which I thought was long gone…but am glad I didn’t give up.

In the process, I took the time to look and enjoy the little things in life, those which equally exist on both “shores.” Not surprisingly, God didn’t discriminate and generously blessed both shores with natural beauty. 

Nature and its beauty and healing power are present everywhere for FREE.

A gift to ALL!!!

The miracle of Nature is here regardless of where you live, or of your social or economical status, everyone could enjoy and be healed by it.

God didn’t discriminate when it created the MIRACLE of NATURE!

Enjoy the images and breathe…..

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