What is the Difference Between Spirituality and Religion????? Opinions, NOT Answers

The Higher Power offered me, please note I do not use the word “blessed,” as to me that would mean “easy,” with a life path that is more of a maze. At times I get angry, other times happy and grateful, a roller coaster of events and the resulting emotions which so far, made my personal life challenging but not boring.

Would I have preferred easy? Probably, for an instant, but ancient wisdom teaches us that in pain and suffering there is growth and evolution to higher levels of understanding of our purpose on Earth and in the Universe…Keeping this in mind, I would like to share a personal story…

This is a true story, as all the stories on my blog, and I am sharing it because I hope it will give others some answers, or deeper questionings, perhaps. As they say in AA and Al Anon, “Take It or Leave It!.”

Lately, I have been battling very serious personal problems, which are not the topic at hand, except that because of these PROBLEMS I kept questioning, as most of us do, why me??? Why again??? What did I do wrong? Where is GOD???

I belong to several professional groups on Linkedin and because one of my interests is psychology, also spirituality, I posted a thread ” Spirituality and Religion? What is Your Opinion? “

The groups on Linkedin, give us the points of view of people all over the world. It is one of the good miracles of modern technology.

I sent this question for approval by the group Manager, late last night. I don’t know if it is approved, nor do I care. Why??? You might ask???

This morning, I was struggling to get some more sleep in, although my initial plan was to wake up and go to a very open-minded “real people” church around the corner from me.

A new Minister had just arrived, and  I had mixed feelings: did I really want to go? I liked the little that I knew about the Pastor who left. I am angry at God anyway, what could he possibly say? I’ll get “opinions” from my Linkedin Group on the TOPIC on my mind: RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY!!!

The Alarm rang, the dogs started pulling at my sheets eager to go out and get fed. Downstairs, Max, my African Grey Parrot kept screaming: “I Love You!!! Where are YOU???”

Of course Max, too, loves me so passionately motivated by treats. That’s okay. How many people could say there is someone telling them I LOVE YOU!!! every single morning:)? I consider myself lucky!

I gave up on laziness, did my morning routine and arrived at church a little late, but just on TIME to hear the new Minister say:

“Today’s Sermon is,


It is the non-judgmental attitude and the way we treat others that is a  Christian commandment, so wonderful and hard to follow. Jesus did NOT judge! He helped, loved and was the friend of the sinners.


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