How To Tell Everything about a Man on a First Date

The experts say, as a rule, on a first date you keep the conversation casual, meet during the day, have a friend call you after 15 minutes. If the date is a total disaster, you claim an emergency!!! God forgive to mention your ex, as that may be interpreted that you are not over him!!! Your new hope to happiness would be in great danger!
Internet dating, once upon a time, a secret, we didn’t talk about, but we all tried, today is the number one way to find your Prince without a horse.

After my divorce I went on line. My profile was, you know, like in the Facebook posts. I created the perfect ME which attrackted the Prince. He asked to meet at a Pizza Place, because he had no car. Not being materialistic I didn’t ask why? God forbid he would be hurt!
We met at noon, another good rule. He was already there waiting for me. First impression, he looked fine. Didn’t check the condition of his teeth however, and without glassed everyone looked handsome. We ordered a whole big pizza! I wondered, was he that hungry?
I broke all rules and ask him: “do you live around here? He responded:” Oh, yeah, my evil wife had the courts take my driver’s license because I didn’t pay child support. Bitch! While he bitched about the “bitch,” my thoughts raced, back a week before, when the courts took my husband’s driver’s license for not paying child support. It was unsolicited disclosure but boy, was a happy he disclosed.
I kept nodding, and once in a while made happy sounds of happiness or empathy, and approval:” Oh! No! That bad!How do you feel about it, yeah definitely a bitch.” Then I waited for his reply.In 5 minutes I found out why “the bitch” divorced him. Imagine, She wanted him to work! They had three kids! And help with the chores! I thought in a moment of self-hypnosis the bitch in his story was me! He was telling me MY story.
Then it happened!!!! The disaster.
“Ouch, my tooth! This damn pizza broke my tooth. He spat out a yellow piece of his front tooth. Commotion, the waitress came, the owner was mortified and offered to pay for his dental bill. Prince Charming seemed pleasantly surprised.He smiled with his now, toothless mouth, “deal” is good he whispers in my ear. We headed to the exit, but suddenly, he turned around and said to the waitress: “Honey, where is that pizza. That was one good pizza, could you wrap it up to go? The woman nodded and handed him the pizza.
Outside, he said: “Good pizza, and now I have dinner.”
He followed me to my car.” Is he thinking I’d give him a ride?” I thought, and to prevent any confusion I said: “Well, good bye, I’d offer you a ride but I am going in the opposite direction.”
To make sure all was clear, and not even knowing which way he needed to walk, I said: “Good-bye.

On a first date, smile, nod,listen. This is all you have to do and the truth will surface sooner than you’d have hoped.

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