Hello fellow “sufferers” in what should, otherwise, be qualities: Trusting, naivete… yet, we live in a world where the best turns into the worst…

I wrote SEVERAL UPDATES on this very topic. There are almost 900 comments on this site, many on the Buyer Be Aware PART I!!! The first POST has at least three updates in the format of posts.

I write this blog as a FREE COMMUNITY SERVICE, OUT OF A SENSE OF RIGHT AND WRONG!!! I ask myself what a reader does before they read a post, take the time to comment, he/she, takes five minutes to check the other people’s comments and the posts? What is their motivation?
Today I received several, very informative comments on the topic. A few months before, someone was giving what was to me the KEY to the entire scheme: The team of crooks changed the NAME of the company several times, even the product marketed, HOWEVER the WAREHOUSE was still in FLORIDA!!! Another comment offered another “key.”
They operated now in Europe. My lesson was,stay AWAY from “free deals.”This was a lesson I repeated to my kids over and over again, as a night time story.., but where was I :))?? that I couldn’t remember listening:) it it… perhaps I was boring? Could I have fallen asleep!? Hmm. My feelings were deeply hurt! My night time lesson’s “key,” was:” Stay AWAY from any FREE “DEALS!!!” if they looked too good to be true, they probably were!!!”
A last suggestion, please take a few minutes to read the titles of other topics on this blog. It might save you money. Each post is a true, first person story written with the purpose to protect others from repeating my naivite! A lot of research and good will went into writing these posts with ONE purpose, ONE GOAL, TO HELP others and try to do it in an entertaining and useful way!!! This is my way of giving back to the world. The blog received the award of MOST VERSATILE, and I hope it is.
My bottom line is:
If a post saved readers a dollar and the bonus was they smiled, the “mission” was accomplished!

May we all continue to trust there is still goodness in the world, be cautious!
Thank you for continuing to read the blog, share your valuable experiences, and know EACH OF US MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!

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