Trying again:) to finish the Legal Consequences post…

For some reason, this is is the third time I write this new post, but only a portion prints…

Sorry about it.

The point I am trying to make one more time, is that after the post regarding the skincare line scheme Skin DM/ Rejuva Glow, I received hundreds of comments and tips which helped hundreds of people become aware, learn how to protect themselves and where to complain. This was the result not only of my post but valuable information in the comments. For those comments I would like to say, thank you!

Unfortunately, there was recently ONE comment (I assume computer generated, because it was in spam several times) which stated that somehow my blog profits from the scheme exposed and in reality connected to it (the skincare scheme!)

I feel it is outrageous that such an untrue  and hurtful statement was made and sent as a comment to me.

This blog does not profit from anyone or anything. To state that it is connected secretly with a scheme it exposed, is defamatory and there are legal consequences.

This is simply a FREE share of personal experiences which  hopefully helps others. NO one is forced to read it.

Perhaps the entity responsible  for the defamatory comment does not understand the legal consequences of their statements.

If one makes an UNTRUE, HARMFUL statement in writing and it is published, that is” libel.” If the statement is spoken, it is “slander.”

We all value our freedom of speech but people also have the right to protect themselves from defamation that may damage their reputation.

Meanwhile, if anyone is interested where that defamatory comment was published? I had the freedom to publish it in… trash!

I am clicking Publish Post again:)

Thanks for your patience!

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