The Art of CHUNKING, or… the TRICK of CHUNKING??? Let’s explore the truth…

What is Chunking?

Most definitions would tell you that it is a term used to indicate  “breaking up” larger amounts of… whatever into smaller amounts.

Why? because, let’s say in the case of needing to remember a huge amount of information, by breaking it up in smaller parts, “chunks,” and also relating the chunks to other ideas, you will easier remember the whole large unit. 

Chunking in learning huge amounts of information is a proven positive method. It is science and it is an art, all at once!


What else is “chuncking? it is used in psychology, in cooking, when we chop a large fruit into “chunks,” and the most common example of chunking is grouping telephone numbers, so we remember them easier. 

WOW! Chunking is great, a God given help with those of us with less than perfect memories…to break up large amounts of information into chunks, so we remember!!!

Wait! What else could be “chunked,” so the human mind thinks the total amount is LESS than the TOTAL they will PAY???!

True story:

 I  had bids from  two people to help me fix my home.

The first, said, $1,000! The second, said $10 an hour, as the work is completed, you pay be daily. 

My reaction? I do not have $1,000, is he crazy? And I dismissed him.

The second person started to work and at the end of each day, I was usually paying him $50 to $60.

So reasonable! I felt lucky to have such an understanding handyman!

After a while, the project was done, and we parted friends, and I could not be more thankful…. until I did my math:) What it showed? YOU guessed! Although I paid $50 a day, there were so many days that the total price ended up being $1,350! more than the first bidder’s quote, which was NOT chunked, $1,000.

I have noticed the “trick of chunking” used in advertising, when, for instance, a life insurance policy is advertised as $1 a day per UNIT!!! How much money equals a unit? $1,000? $2,000? And then to find out how much you spend you actually will have to multiply the daily amount paid with 30 or 31 days of the month to get the monthly expense. If you want to be even more accurate and determine if chunking was an art, a trick or both, multiply the amount spend DAILY with 365 days (a year) and determine HOW much you really spend. Now, if at the end of the “deal,” YOU own the object you paid for by chunking, that is a good deal, but if you just have the use of it and have to give it back to the owner… oh well, he/she, chunked you:

Let’s take an example: you have the use of an object (any object) for which you pay the seller, $5 a day. That means your monthly cost is 5 x 30=$150 monthly; If we calculate further, and we know a year has 365 days, 365 x 5/daily=$1,825

Math was never my forte but many times the curves in life, the tricks of otherwise great techniques, need to be understood, so that those that apply good principles to “trick” the minds of trusting people rethink their “deceptive art.” Or is it an art?


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