HOW TO FIND OUT IF YOU REALLY HAVE MONEY DUE YOU!!! The Money You Forgot About! Is It Legal? How To Keep Safe!

This post is rooted in a personal experience therefore first hand experience.

I was reading my Facebook news feed this morning and read a friend’s post about the ads everywhere, informing people that their STATE Treasury might have funds the person forgot about or didn’t know existed.

Some of the commentators wondered, and rightfully so, if it is legal, if it is okay to give YOUR social security to someone on line, etc. This is what triggered me to share this information to explain how it could be done in an EASY, SAFE WAY! 

You DO NOT need an intermediary. Do NOT give your personal information to anyone who solicited YOU, as a GENERAL RULE.

It seems, many people experience this  type of solicitation, which offers to represent YOU and get the money due you, of course for a FEE. Most probable, they will call or contact you by email to offer their services. Do not give your information to anyone who contacts YOU.

 How to Find  out  if you really have  money due you and to do it without an intermediary!

Last year I kept watching the ads on T.V. informing people about the money they are due and don’t know it!

My first reaction was, “Right, what kind of an idiot forgets about money! This must be a scheme!”

The ads continued, and just because… I clearly could use more money,I WENT TO THE PA TREASURY UNCLAIMED PROPERTY WEB SITE!!! I was NOT solicited, I initiated the inquiry.

Sure enough, I put in my name, my old address. I cannot remember if the site asked for my  social security at this stage, but probably, because I was the initiator, I would have given it and it is necessary ultimately, if you indeed qualify. The KEY is to make sure you give it in a safe environment.

In my case, sure enough, I matched! I was one of the idiots who forgot she had money!!! Hmm…

How did this happen? In my situation, there were several $50.00 rebates which were send to my old address after the forward expired . Also,  a life insurance company with which I had an inactive policy, sold to Met Life. Somehow, that transaction resulted in an amount of money due me, although the policy was inactive.

I felt better, how could I have known of all these funds, which were mailed years after I moved and there was NO forwarding address, because the year expired. Then I changed my name, moved again. All these circumstances may lead to YOUR MONEY BEING DEPOSITED IN YOUR STATE TREASURY, Division of UNCLAIMED PROPERTY!!!

After the initial “match” there were several verification steps I had to follow, so the Treasury made sure I was who I said I was, but it was worth it. I did receive a check and had gas money for a while! Not millions, but every dollar counts!

Is It LEGAL???

Yes, it is legal and you could check if you too have money you “forgot about” by following the steps described  in this post.

If I were to do it again, I would FIRST CALL the Treasury at a telephone number which is for sure of the State Treasury because I have heard of new sophisticate schemes which design web sites identical to those of banks and businesses you trust. For that reason, if I were to check now, I’d call first, a safe telephone number  of the REAL Treasury.

For RESIDENTS in PA, here is the info:

Pennsylvania Treasury

Bureau of Unclaimed Property

Tel. 1 800.222.2046

web site:

Good luck, and please don’t forget to send me a commission:))

Rodica Mihalis, M.S. Counseling and Clinical Psychology


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