Tips on Shopping for Value and Price

The ONE thing I will not say is that one must clip coupons to save money! Be it as it may, the time and effort involved make clipping coupons unworthy to me. However, if it works for you, I applaud your efforts. 

There are few places where we could “cut corners” and one of them is on food. 

I noticed on television, when they show how people save ???$$$ on 10 boxes of cereal.Well, unless you have ten children who like that particular brand, half of it might get stale by the time you get to it. 

I am just going to share what I do, and ask you to take it or leave it, but not to be critical in your comments. This blog is a work of love. I don’t get paid and appreciate kindness and constructive ideas. Please share yours.

Ever since I remember. I shopped at value stores. I found some incredible buys at Thrift Stores, or as they are called sometimes, “New To You,” and some of the items had never been worn, they still had the original label. Truth is that thrift stores in “rich” areas, will have better items. Sorry if this is not politically correct, but it’s the truth.

Although I disagree with Walmart’s policies towards its employees, I wish I were richer to ignore Walmart all together! The reality is, I can’t. So, when I enter a store, let’s say Walmart, first I shop for the NON PERISHABLE items, and I shop last for the frozen foods or foods that need to be refrigerated, so they don’t spoil while I wait in line. If it’s summer, it helps to have an icebox in your car and place the perishable items in the icebox. When I look for items, I never buy what is at EYE level, because generally those items are the most expensive. Instead, look down and up, up, up. It takes a little effort but it’s worth it.

Items on sale

Do your math. How many pills for instance are in the for sale medicine versus another brand or same brand in a less expensive packaging. The general rule is that small, fancy packaging will be more expensive.

Shopping for the holidays. For example yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, the stuffed animals which a day before were $10.00 yesterday were $5.00 If one is really well organized, always shop out of season or at the end of the season for incredible values.

In conclusion, if you dispose of funds, please help our economy, but if your heating bill is high and you need to cut corners to pay your fix expenses, consider these easy tips.

Happy shopping!


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