The Magi brought at Jesus’ Birth,Gold, Frankincense an Myrrh, Common Gifts to Bring to a Royal or Divine…but What Else Do They Gave In Common??? Could it be their Anti-inflammatory effect And Cure For Arthritis?

There are  still many unanswered question about the famous Biblical story of the three Wise Men (magi) who came to Bethlehem to worship Jesus and brought the three gifts worthy only of royalty or deity. Here is their spiritual significance:

Gold — represents that Jesus was royal

Frankincense, an expensive commodity, was burned on the Altar in Temples and Jewish people prayed in front of the Altar. The white, sweet smelling smoke was reserved for worshiping God. Thus the meaning is that Jesus was divine.

Myrrh, also valuable, was used among other things at burials, to embalm the body of the dead. It may be a symbol that Jesus would die some day.

(The Three Wise Men, Their Gifts and Meaning –


However,it is not the main purpose of this post to discuss the spiritual meaning of the three famous gifts, but a  medicinal quality they have in common: they all have  anti-inflammatory  properties, thus treating arthritis and have been used as such at some points in history, as far back as 5,000 years ago, in Egyptian times. ( According to an article on this side, “Why Did The Magi Bring Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh,” researchers at Cardiff University demonstrated the use of frankincense  as an anti-inflammatory, thus treating arthritis.The same property is mentioned in “How Frankincense Cures Arthritis”02/102014 (Mail online

Other medicinal use of frankincense promotes calmness and relaxation ( is excellent for skin care (burns, rashes, cuts) and is a powerful anti aging. Since it is water soluble, a few drops in water could be used as a refresher, or for mini-facials: add a  drop of frankincense in boiling water, remove from stove, lean over, your head covered with a towel and breathe. In addition it works as lung support.

Frankincense could also be used in compresses by adding 2-3 drops to cool water on a washcloth and applying to the inflamed  area.

A constituent of frankincense, boswellic acid, which is a heavy molecule, which does not come over in distillation and as a result is not present in the oil, could be found as a supplement and used to “soothe the stomach.”


 ( is a resin that comes from trees in North Africa and Middle East. It’s a “sap” like substance with a sweet, smoky smell. It is used as a fragrance, embalming, to flavor foods.

Murr=bitter (Arabic)

The Greeks used it as an antiseptic, to clean wounds.

On going research in China,published in the Journal of Medicinal Plants, suggests that certain compounds of myrrh resin may be effective against human genicologic cancer cells.The use of myrrh may have SERIOUS side effects, such as heart irregularities and contact dermatitis, and may cause miscarriages,lower blood pressure and uterine bleeding.

Despite the fact that there is not yet sound scientific evidence, and these side effects are known,some people continue to use myrrh: treat cough, asthma, indigestion, joint pain and hemorrhoids.  t

For more information re myrrh please refer to Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy-Myrh by Rebecca Joy Knottnerus ( “Traditionally, myrrh was used orally for arthritis, respiratory infections, syphilis, cancer, sore throats, coughs and bad breath. Topically, for muscular pain, arthritis, weak gums, loose teeth, fungal skin infections and acne.”In Ancient Egypt it was used to treat herpes and hay fever.

Gold  ( A brief History of the Health Support Uses of Gold) states that the earliest recordsof the medicinal and healing properties of gold date back 5,000 years ago, when the Egiptians used to ingest gold “for mental, bodily and spiritual purification.” They believed gold in thls. They used an “elixir” made of liquid gold, which was believed to be a mistical metal.

It was about 4,500 years ago, in Ancient Egypt that gold started to be used in dentistry as an ideal material.

Just like myrrh, the use of gold may have serious side effects, especially for people who suffer with kidney problems.

Gold was also used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, a type of autoimmune disorder. The type of medication, mycophenolate, belongs to a class of medications known as immunosupressive. It was originally used to manage patients with organ transplants. However, this medication, too has serious side effects. (

Despite all this information,gold salts were used as recently as 2007in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

“How Gold SaltsEase the Pain of Arthritis and Other Inflammatory Diseases.” Scientists at Duke University showed a renewed interest in the use of gold salts in the treatment of R.A. (

Being a sufferer of arthritis, both ostheo (wear and tear) as well as R.A. (an autoimmune disorder) I will take everything with a grain of salt and would NOT use any of the above internally (orally or injections) but check with my physician. I suggest you do the same.

However, my strong belief is that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and no one knows your body better than YOU. 

Any ideas as to WHY the Magi’s gifts to Jesus had in common properties to help with arthritic pain and as anti-inflammatories?

If you do, please share with us.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and the information above is strictly educational. The ONLY way I use frankincense is topically, and it helped me.

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