The Elephant in the Room! Is an Act that Happens Every 9 Seconds STILL a Secret?

The Office  on Violence against Women  claims that domestic violence is not only on the rise, it is PANDEMIC!

It doesn’t choose, it could happen to anyone,  it takes place behind closed door U.S.s everywhere, yet we don’t speak about it. There is a sense of fear, shame and loneliness, and the time has come to say: enough and take action!

I still remember inventing a story about how I tried to take a book off a high shelf and the book fell on my eye bruising it!

But not all victims are as lucky. Cynthia Wilson’s 19-year old niece was killed, shot 6 times in different parts of her body, by her boyfriend. This unspeakable tragedy inspired Cynthia to write and produce a series of live stage plays based on real life situations. These inspirational plays have as purpose to bring awareness to the problem which we no longer could call a secret and also to raise money for this worthy cause.

Her first play, Battered but not Broken, successfully played nine times in West Virginia and  on  Friday, January 23, at 8:00 PM and Saturday January 24, and Sunday, January 25, at 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM, the play will be performed in Florida, at The Miramar Cultural Center, City of Miramar.

Each performance will be attended by over 750 people. Many businesses chose to place ads in the playbill (ranging between- $50 a business card,-to $500 for a full page ad)

If you would like to attend or support this inspirational play which uncovers the “secret” which no longer is a “secret,” and contribute to empowering women through creative education, please contact Cynthia Wilson, CEO, Milky Way Productions (also active in many Linkedin Groups)  at 304-610-2207 or visit the websites: 

As Bishop Glenton wrote:This Inspirational Stage Play is a message of healing, forgiveness redemption and empowerment.″.


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