Keep checking My Blog for info about the scheme Face Creams!!!

About an hour ago, I received 3 secrets in the top upper  side of my computer screen.

The secrets area are written on my right palm too. Oh I am all sweaty and the black ink lingers slowly from my palms onto my arm!

“.Someone out there, please, find me a paper towel, a paper towel would do!!!.Anything!!!”

I wipe  off my fluid hand. Forget the doctor, I will have to not conform.

” You changed the oil.” my client said.” It’s  smooth ,much more fluid. It has a human quality to it., What is it?

” it’s a rare natural oil,”

The name? She wants to buy it!  

Oh! No, it’s not for the public…. for professional use only! I

to find out more “secrets.”

P.S. Keep posted for the next post   and more secrets:)

or coincidences?


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