IMPORTANT REMINDER If You live on the East Coast, in the Way of the Storm

This is less than  a post, but  information I feel morally obligated to  share  with everyone, as  simple as it may look, it is not ex.

If you live in one of the areas  affected by the storm and therefore by  the threat of the your water going below 20 degrees, make sure, your water pipes do NOT freeze and  and the water expands and when the temperature goes up again,the pipes do not crack causing floods and  damages of thousands, especially if the pipes are unwrapped to maintain temperatures which will be high enough for the maintain unfrozen water.

If your pipes are not in a warm room or close to the outside and unwrapped, you could still avoid a possible flood and damages of thousands when the ice melts.

This is an emergency suggestion, not something I’d even dream of doing under any other  circumstances, as my water bill is already high and I also think of the people in Africa (not a joke!).  But emergency situations, require emergency actions:

hat to do (not a joke):

Turn the water at your sink(s) on. JUST a DROP, enough to have running water through the pipes CONTINUOUSLY. We MUST avoid  frozen water. 

The TIP I just learned on the CBS Night News-Central PA:

In addition, OPEN the cabinets UNDER the sink(s) so more warmth comes from the room, “soothing” the pipes turned money to pay the plumber, into $$$$$ to buy…. chocolate…..may be an antiacid too!!!Lots and lots of it!!! Proven to boost seratonin! (substance used in many antidepressants..


It is passed mid-night. I hope everyone is an insomniac and reads this info:(

Good night and good luck!

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