New Year’s Resolutions. Do They Make a Positive Difference? The Secrets of Success!!! (Part 1)

New Year  Eves always bring mixed feelings to me.On one hand it was the New Year’s Eve 1965 when my drunk father chased my mother and myself out of the house, half dressed. Those of you who read The Gypsy Saw Two lives know the details. But as the yin and yang of life, to compensate for the disaster of 1965, the following year I was allowed for the first time to go to a “real” party; without my family! A supervised, of course, teen party. It was then, on that New Year’s Eve that I met the young man who was to become my first husband and oh… yes, I shamelessly admit  I had my first kiss!!!. What that meant, to be more specific, on the lips and I liked it!

I shared these two events with you because they both changed my life and it was after the “happy” New Yer’s event that I decided to always make resolutions on January first of the particular year to follow. It was important to be in writing. Years letter I read in a scientific article that it  was proven that writing not just saying something is very important in a positive way. However, I am not writing this post to debate the positive elements of writing versus saying, but I hope you take my statement on faith and try, anyway:).

When my daughters were old enough to hold a pen, every January First we sat down and drew what each wanted to happen in the following year. It was a basic sample which later, minds smarter than mine, titled “vision boards.” Please don’t ask if my kids kept their promises and the resolutions made a positive impact in their lives. All I know for sure is that if you don’t know where you are going, how do you know when you arrived?

Thanks to the University of Scranton’s research (12/13/2013 these are the top ten New Year’s resolutions:

 1.  A real shocker, loose weight:)

2. Get organized.(no personal comment. I feel too guilty!)

3.. Spend less, save more (shamelessly, I have to admit the word “save” is foreign to me. After all, English is my second language. Strangely “save”is foreign to me in my native language, Romanian, too:) Hmm…

4. Enjoy life. (my personal comment: this is too vague, and I’d make it more specific, scientific or not:)

5. Stay Fit and Healthy (again, same personal comment as above, I’d be more specific)

6. Learn something exciting (same personal comment as above)

7. Quit smoking (I’d make it priority number one, but of course, I cananot prove it scientifically)

8. Help others (this, to me, should be a LIFE Long priority)

9. Fall in love (right, as if falling in love is “on order” like being in a diner and having your special dish… again, personal opinion, please trust the science)

10. Spend  more time with your family (personal comment :  if you don’t, you will not have a family)


and, according to the same source, here are the results, meaning how many people keep their resolutions:

45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions and only 8% successfully achieve them.

49% have infrequent success (please don’t ask me what does this means exactly. To me, personally, is like eating broccoli once a year and expecting the results achieved by eating healthy year-around)

What really counts, is  the fact that people who made New Year’s resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain them than people who don’t make any!

A resolution I made when this blog started, in December of 2010, was to keep the posts short.

II respect the fact that most  of us live”lives in the fast lane,” so for that reason and also honestly because I know most of us would like 30-hour days, no nights or the negative consequences of not having sufficient sleep (all scientifically impossible), I am writing Part II  of this post, “Tips on How to Attain Your Resolution’s, on Proven Therapy’s Newsletter (

As you know, I am an online Counselor for this fine online counseling company (

Thank you all for reading my blog and for taking the time to make valuable comments from which  we,all, learn. 

I don’t know each of you, yet in my heat I do! 

Happy New 2014!!!!

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