Adopt and Save a Life while Bringing Joy to Yours (Part II)

The beautiful boxer in the previous post is Duke. He is now around 5-6 years old. I adopted him in 2009 after he managed to be taken back to the foster five times. One would wonder, why five families gave back such a beauty? I wondered too and asked the foster who was so kind, she brought him to my house. She said, they kept losing him??? I was stunned!!! Oh, I thought, for sure they were negligent, I never lost a dog in my life!

Well, the first night I kept the lights on and sat next to Duke on the couch. I had treats handy, just in case. I didn’t trust him, he didn’t trust me. We stared at each other. If I sensed, true or not, that he became agitated I gave him a treat to keep him happy.  The overnight test worked! We determined we were friends and didn’t attack each other. We bonded, I thought. Next day, I  opened the front door and Duke dashed out with the speed of a gazelle! I dashed after him but soon I realized I could not keep the pace on foot and jumped in the car, driving slowly through the winding streets of Wyncote, PA. Some other animal lovers joined me and we found Duke, who thought this was a game., sort of hide-and-seek. He came to my car (tempted by a treat) jump inside, as nothing had happen. No sign of guilt!

Several other times escaped by jumping the fence, until I saw him in action, He was so strong, was crawling up any fence, no matter how high!  

Yes, we had a stormy beginning, which is not true  for all pets that one adopts or buys.

Now, Duke is the most loving and faithful companion. He is also the best guard dog and I could not imagine life without him. I often wonder what he went through in his first two years of life to make him always want to run away and mistrust new people. Being a Counselor, I wished I could read his mind, understand his prior wounds so I may heal them faster.

The truth is, I would never know, but love, time and patience workeds, Oh! And FOOD:)))

I have the best dog in the world, as I am sure yours is the best for YOU.

Adopt, save a life and bring joy to yours.

God bless all those who dedicate their lives and energy to helping those who do NOT have a voice. WE ARE THEIR VOICE!!! The more, the better!

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