Things We Don’t Talk About at Holiday Time, and Why

As I am sitting here in the coziness of my home, grateful I have food, a roof and heat, but especially my pets, thoughts of past Holidays race through my mind.

It is known, or not, that depression peaks at Holiday time, followed by a peak in suicides when one would expect less, in April!

Why, I wonder when this MUST be the happiest time of the year, the fact, not the TV commercials, is that depression is at an all time high? This is why TV is banned in my house at this time of the year. Watch a movie, get a CD.

Just a personal opinion, but the reason vary as to why this is a difficult time:

Some have families and must face members they dislike.

Others don’t have families and watch the “perfect” families on TV imagining they for real,not paid actors, and believing they, the watchers, are the only ones alone.

Or some have perfect families and presents, but suffer because of the darkness coming upon us at 4:30 PM. Short days and long nights which paralize the mind and the soul. For this group, buying an ALL SPECTRUM light could be the solution. Yes, LIGHT does make the difference, but the right type of light and fish oil too.

So, we don’t talk about anything sad because we have been programmed that it is a MUST to be happy at this time of the year and if you are not, it is YOUR fault. Look at the lights, the presents, the trees, the people crowding in Walmart or where ever for a last minute present which after is unwrapped will probably be forgotten in a corner or chewed by the puppy. 

A long time ago, after my ex-husband’s suicide  the Holidays were erase from my heart. I could no longer feel the joy of listening to Christmas songs. In fact I banned them from the house, and it took me years to rebuild a livable Christmas. 

What helped me the most? Helping others. It is truth in the saying that giving brings more joy than receiving.

So,if you could, find a project to bring joy to your heart and which is not “wrapable,” or it is only in the generosity of your heart, here are a few ideas:

Take food to a  people’s shelter, or serve a meal. Distribute food to the homeless or get food to a pet rescue.

Taking the FOCUS off of your sadness will make you feel better and loved because what we focus on grows. Let the love and generosity in your heart grow and overcome the sadness!.

My best moment this week, was when the five-year old next door, told me: “Now, you know I am in my house now. If you need anything call me!”

So, if you need anything call…

As I did for Thanksgiving, I will have a schedule posted in a few days and if you feel a chat with me will do some good, please call. We are here to make this a better world, not to pretend happiness when our hearts are in pain. We could live the truth and be happy! 




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