What Stands Out 2013 in Review

Today is the 3rd Anniversary of my Blog.  In December of 2010, I moved To Central PA and promptly broke my right ankle and was forced to find to do something because going to parties was not an option. 

It so happened that I had been working on a book for the last 20 years but there was always something more important and urgent, so the journals, the stories accumulated in huge boxes.

This is how I began writing this blog, and the readers responded better than I would have ever hoped.By the end of 2011 the posts became a book, The Gypsy Saw Two Lives, which was published (www.amazon.com/books) in paper and e-formats.

I thought this was the end, but I noticed that many people still visited the blog and my life was still going on, funny or sad things or  “lessons,” were still happening. So I decided perhaps others might like or learn or laugh with me.After all keep it short and to the point.

Now, three years later, the blog had over 11,450 readers, has followers comments that help us all and continues to grow.

What was significant from my point of view in 2013.

I must start with  my search for a counseling position, now that I had a Master of Science in Counseling and Clinical Psychology. Soon  I discovered online counseling and Proven Therapy, a 8 year old therapy and counseling company of excellent reputation.


A new concept for me, used  to days or weeks of waiting to get an appointment with a therapist, with the rush in traffic not to mention the expense of gas and the fact that most insurance companies limited the number of sessions.

I discovered that unlike what I assumed, clients opened up and solved their questionings much faster in a non face to face session which remains totally anonymous. Of course it helps that therapists are available at all times 24/7 and clients could request a certain therapist and specific time for an appointment.People get help when they need it!

Personally, I experienced the joy of my daughter, Eva’s wedding to Brandon and we are expecting any day the birth of my first granddaughter,daughter of my youngest daughter, Natalie and her husband, John.

May God bless them in their journeys.

I left the best for the last. My dogs are now vegetarian. That means I may not leave anything on the counter, including grapes or apples. I regret I was not quick enough to take a picture of Lola, now turning 2 years old, and me trying to retreive an apple from her mouth! Oh Duke, did NOT know grapes are NOT good for dogs and ate the whole pound, while our African Grey, Max seeing HIS treats go to the dogs, literally, was screaming:”Bad dogs, get out!”

I guess That’s it for now.

Wishing all Happy Holidays and thank you so much for reading.

Thank you my colleagues who voted it a VERSATILE BLOG. Thank you for the honor. I will do my best to not disappoint. After all life is versatile!

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