Check People!!If You Learned from the Post on DM Skin Products Yo appreciate this post

They say, wise people, that if you make a mistake and  learn, it is called a lesson IF you do not make the same mistake again. However, if you continue to make the same mistake again and again, and your common sense and physics tell you that same actions will lead to same results, than the act of whatever you are repeating over and over again, it is no longer a lesson, it is… plain stupidity!

Now, that I insulted myself and am not going to take myself to Courts, I will share a short story to illustrate.

I really needed to find more data on someone and tried various companies on line and without exception I was disappointed. I always got more accurate and FREE information from the government sites. But, be it as it may, the name  Check People sounded reliable.

I chose the “best seller,” unlimited searches for a month  for under $20.00! What a deal! I was going to even check the dirt on myself!

A nice welcome email arrived promptly, and then I was ready to go! Search, I mean.

I searched myself. I was still listed at an address where I lived over three years ago. My daughter, who lives in CA and has been married since 2010 was still listed single in PA and her husband did not have her listed as a relative!

I got schemed again! I sent an email and asked a refund. I received  back a not so friendly email,  instructing me to CALL them if I wanted a refund.

I wrote back and informed them I will call but also share the experience with everyone, so that they will have less people to rip off.

Please do not be one of them and share with us your experiences good and bad.




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