The Power of ASKING

In today’s changing world, I believe FLEXIBILITY is the one more important quality that will take us where ever we want to reach, professionally or personally.

The problem is, actually problems, we do not like to get out of our comfort zone and are afraid of rejection. So, we do not ask and blindly search in the dark things we don’t know what they are or where they are.In fact, our fear of rejection paralises us, and how could one get where they want if you don’t know your goal and aim for it, eyes open!

This was the single most important lesson I learn in my eight years of selling insurance. door to door and making 100 cold calls a day. Yes, I was desperate for a job and money. You have to be hungry and desperate to knock at guys’ doors and wait until they change, so that you, a young woman insurance agent, could attempt to sell them a life insurance policy, when the guys think  they are immortal. 

Every time I received a NO I cried, until one day, when a seasoned agent shared this story with me:

“I make about 60-100 calls a day. Everyone says “no,” but I notice after about 50-60 NOS here comes a YES! So, instead of getting angry, I say to the last person who statistically says NO, “thank you! and soon after, a client says yes and I close a sale!”


As afraid as we are of rejection, if we remember:

1. Asking is FREE.

2. NO is not personal

3. The worst it could happen is to be told NO

4. Most importantly, is a game of numbers and if you ask long enough, you will win a YES!!!

In conclusion, the power of ask is TO ASK until you win!! 


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