Take the Word NEVER out of Your Head, and Replce it with, “WHEN THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY!”

In 1989 when the tyrant Ceausescu, President of Romania, was executed on Christmas Day, I promised myself to eradicate from my vocabulary, but most importantly, from my subconscious mind, the word “NEVER.”

Why might you wonder? I was sitting  in Philadelphia, watching his execution from my living room in the USA.

That was the problem, years before the falling of Communism I defected from Romania, convinced it will never, NEVER change, and I wanted to be free! And now the NEVER was happening under my eyes on CNN!!!!! This was the lesson learned: NEVER SAY NEVER!!!

I receive a lot of inquiries on my blog about who are you “guys” and I have to disappoint, but the “guys,” is ONE woman. That brings me to the

“When there is a WILL there is a WAY.” I am a published author, blogger and online Counselor for Proven Therapy (https://www.proventherapy.com/Rodica)

I hold a B.A. in English and Romania and MS in Counseling and Clinical Psychology, but the reason I disclose this information, is because I have a short story (promise) to illustrate:” where is a will, there is a WAY!!!”

After high school in Romania, the competition to enter into college was ferocious. My mom, got me a tutor in English. She was expensive and known to be very competent.

On a first tutoring lesson, she corrected every single word I was attempting to say in English. At the end, she looked at me, her face red as a lobster, and said: “You are hopeless! I never seen anyone as untalented at languages. Give up. You will never be able to speak a sentence in English.”

I went home crying, because I really didn’t think I was that bad, but when an “expert” tells you, you, you are, than the tendency is to believe the expert. DON’T!!!!!!!

Only YOU know your own potential. Believe in YOU!!!

We didn’t give up and my mom took me to a different tutor.

Unlike the first, she was smiling and praising every single word I said in English. Little by little, the fear that I was incapable to utter two words in English disappeared and was replaced by the confidence that my new tutor was giving me! The power of PRAISE!!! 

The end of the story is that not only did I enter the Department of English of the University of Bucharest, but earned my BA in English and Romanian and I defended my Thesis.

Later, I became a translator for the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, and finally after years of struggle made a home in the US beginning in 1981.

When my first article was published in The Christian Science Monitor, I thought to mail the first tutor a copy; Later, when my first book was publish in English, written by ME, I thought of sending her a copy. I didn’t.

When I graduated with a Master of  Science in Counseling and Clinical Psychology, I thought of her again.

I tried to find her address, but… found out she was DEAD!





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