Here come holidays again!—THE TRUTH!!!!!!! and HELP!!!!!

Oh! These two months, November and December, I’d like to vote a 10-month year! Instead of what we do, which,  it probably  never enough and gets us depressed, lets take a looooong trip to distress our brain cluttered with “things.”

In our business of psychotherapy it is known that holidays are not easy and the glittering façade makes more people sad than happy.

We already have Christmas Trees, bells, decorations….. and anxiety!


Some of you know I am by profession an online  Counselor.

In honor of the Holidays, I would like to offer my readers a gift of “chat” if they feel it would help them.

I will be available at:

Cell 717 706 903  (please no international calls or calls  from land line)

Beginning Wednesday   4-7 PM ; Thursday 11 AM to – 8 PM ;and Friday 12 – 2 PM

Please leave a message  if I  am on  line with another reader. Your call will be returned.

This is a personal gift of thank you and not connected to my regular job as an on line therapist at Proven Therapy where I am available daily and you could also contact me by personal email.

May we enjoy these Holydays together and distressed, in the spirit they were meant.

Readers are invited to write comments of delicious deserts and other fun cheap:) ideas.

We are on The East Coast.

BEST TO ALL and thank you or for chatting with me:) and be truthful.




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