When MOMENTS COUNT!!! Matters of the Heart, Brain and Gut!

I received longer versions addressing some of these issues.  It was  clearly explained in detail and perhaps that was what prevented me from reading any of them, or I had a death wish, or simply I am ignorant!

If you don’t read this post I totally understand.

Trying to describe to my friend the symptoms of a heart attack, I discovered my complete ignorance on the topic!  As a result, I researched the subject(s).

The more I read, the more complicated it became and I concluded that it was in everyone’s interest to write my research as a post.

A WARNING:  I am not an M.D.  and what follows is educational and it might all be wrong !!! Please know that I am not reliable in matters of the heart:)


Should  ANY of these symptoms, or if your instincts tell you, SEEKING IMMEDIATE medical attention, PLEASE DO IT! CALL 911!!! 

  Even if your instinct doesn’t tell you to call 911, call them anyway! Whatever you do, do not call your friend who lives overseas to ask what should you do.

Since time is of the essence I’ll keep it short. If you find the topic fascinating, and wish details, please search the web sites I mentioned at the end of the post. These are the sources of some of my infinite wisdom!

Laughter is the best medicine, but there are some  medical conditions which are very serious and MUST be taken seriously and treated  immediately.

I will mention a little about each. Just enough to stress the fact that they are important.


Heart Attack,  Angina, Indigestion (Acid Reflux) (in the context of the other serious conditions) and Stroke!!!



I know this would never happen to you or me, but fact is it happens to someone, being the number one cause of death.
Suppose this happen to your friend and YOU know these facts and apply them! Doesn’t turn you into a hero? We might save someone’s life! and this should be more than enough reason!

Risk factors for  HA:

Smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, overweight. Bad, bad, bad…

Many times indigestion or acid reflux are confused with a heart attack. As strange as it might seem, some of the symptoms are similar, just to confuse us more!

However, in the case of  a heart attack, as I understand, there are a few differences. For instance: there is a SUDDEN onset of tightness and pressure, squeezing, burning discomfort in the chest, throat, neck or either arm.

MORE ALARMING, if in addition to the above, you experience a SUDDEN onset of pressure, nausea, vomiting, SWEATING, fainting sensation, shortness of breath then you are in very, very serious trouble!.


2. ANGINA– That means the heart does NOT get enough blood.

Some symptoms: Pain in the shoulders, arms, jaw, back.

And where is the place of heart burn (acid reflux) in this picture???  

May be best when in doubt to consult a specialty doctor..

However, this is a tip to know, but as I said from the beginning, I am not a doctor, trust at your own risk!:

When a heart attack occurs there is NO PATTERN as the various symptoms occur. But if you suffered your entire life from acid reflux and now, suddenly, in addition of the symptoms you know so well, you are SWEATTY and LIGHT-HEADED — that is when you call 911!!! IMMEDIATELY because you might have a heart attack..

3. STROKE — I didn’t know this myself until five minutes ago when I read the works of super intelligent people and understood at last WHY acting fast was essential!.

When a  STROKE occurs the blood supply to your BRAIN is cut off or reduced depriving the brain tissue of oxygenation. The lack of oxygen to your brain is essential, as within minutes from when this unfortunate event starts, BRAIN CELLS begin to die. By the way, this is your brain, your cells, this is the organ with which YOU THINK. SO TIME IS ESSENTIAL. Do we need dead cells in our brain??? NO WE DON’T!!!

Here’s another “trick” I learned on www.stroke.org to determine if the person has a stroke::


F– Ask person to smile If a side of their face droops, this is a BAD sign!

A– Arms– Ask the person to RAISE both arms. Does one arm drift downward?

S– speech – Ask the person to repeat a sentence. Is their speech slurred or strange?

T — TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!! If any of the above symptoms are observed, call 911 immediately. In the case of stroke time is essential. Personally, I’d call 911 anyway, just in case, who needs dead brain cells? Really

!It is my hope you are still awake (here’s my ego speaking!) because I left the best for the last.

This is an awesome natural recipe posted by Denden on Australia on November 1, 2012. Thank you!

QUICK way to tell if it’s acid reflux or heart attack:

Take 1/2 glass of water and stir in it a level teaspoon of bi-carbon (baking soda). Drink it down. If it’s acid reflux, you will immediately BURP and feel better.

If the pain persists,  after 10 minutes it is probably your heart.  If still alive, CALL 911!!!

A NATURAL RECIPE from same writer, to clear blockages round one’s heart.

Take 3 lemons and wash them with fresh water. Use lemons with thin skin. Chop them up including the skin.

Also get 15 cloves of garlic (1.5 bulbs)

Pour in a stainless pot and add more water (one liter)

Bring to a boil for 5 minutes.

For 3 weeks drink ONE  standard glass daily (I guess this would be 8 oz?).

STOP for one weeks.

Restart for another 3 weeks and stop again for one week.

For maximum   efficiency  continue for 7 weeks.

Add a little honey to taste

This is supposed to clear blockages.

Frankly, both lemons, garlic and honey are known as great, healthy ingredients. I’d do it anyway, blockages or not!

The information in this post comes from several web site minus the sense of humor which is mine, I am sorry if you don’t like it, but when in doubt if it’s a joke or not, please ask me))





Thank you for reading this post. I do hope it helps. I wrote it from the bottom of my heart!.



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