Would “Receive Your FREE Social Security & Medicare Information Brochure, Written in LARGE Print tempt you to open this yellow envelope?

As I concluded the “Free Combo” posts “bundle,” which it seemed saved  money to many, I thought, this was IT, no more exposing schemes!!!  I will find a positive topic to write about. So many good things are happening in our world and strangely, the human nature is more interested in talking about the negative topics, not mentioning the many good deeds.

I even had a few topics in mind, to research at a deeper level and post, and  smile:)

In that positive mood, I picked up my mail this morning. A yellow envelope stuck out  in the crowd of what was mostly junk mail and bills, none of which I was eager to open…

Somehow, the yellow envelope “spoke” to me, as if by not opening it I was going to endanger my life or miss vital information!

To the LEFT of the envelope, where generally at least my eyes read first, in BIG print it was written: Receive Your FREE Social Security & Medicare Information Brochure. IMPORTANT to note: FREE was printed in the largest print and in bold letters. Social Security  and Medicare were printed in  slightly smaller print and were not in bold. “Receive Your” and “Information Brochure,” were in the smaller print and… you guessed, not written in bold letters! Other attractive statements were printed on this irresistible yellow envelope, but for now, what I a disclosing is sufficient.

I opened the envelope and pulled out a simple GREEN card. For starters, in the language of colors, green subconsciously makes us think of money and generally of the verb -action,  “GO” (think of the traffic lights -when the light changes to green, our cars GO)!!!

In very large print in the middle of the card, there was written:


As I read the content of the card, written in simple, not confusing language, my heart pounded with hope. Forget about stress heart tests,  this magical card was enough to make my heart pound at its maximum and not kill me! Yes, kill indeed, because the good news  the green card was announcing, was senior citizens and their families that “the Senior Plan,” which now paid $255 as funeral expenses, was going to pay up to $15,000, IF the dead person qualified!!! To determine IF the person qualified, you guessed it again, the card had to be mailed back TODAY!!! The sender was even paid the postage. All one had to do, was provide them their names, date of births, phone (for the spouse too) !!! Some of us might be better off dead than alive!

Oh…but wait…

On closer examination, with a magnifying glass, at the bottom of the magical, generous beyond believe, on the green card, here was the KEY:

” Not affiliated  with, or endorsed by any Government or Medicare program”

Before making up my mind what action to take, I flipped the card  on the other side and noticed it didn’t provide a street address, ONLY a P.O. BOX in Lagrange, NC.

I also noticed it didn’t say anywhere about being an idiot to qualify!!! Suddenly, the decision became very simple:  instead of putting the magical green card in the mail box, I placed it carefully in my recycling bin.

Trash day is tomorrow.


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