What to do if you think you are the victim of a scheme of ANY KIND!!!!

I apologize for not having posted in three weeks. I am just back from my daughter’s wedding and just reading through the many comments received during my absence.

I noticed a COMMON denominator:

What to do if you think you are the victim of a scheme. Especially IF the company HAS your credit/debit card number. Here is briefly what worked for me:

1. Contact the company and ask them kindly to either refund YOU what YOU think was taken without your consent from your account, or ask them to STOP the automatic shipments and taking money out of your account.

2. Contact your BANK Disputes Department IF the company does NOT comply to your request and explain to your bank what happened and that YOU are disputing the charges. Most good banks will give you a temporary credit for the amount disputed WHILE they investigate your complaint. If the bank finds your claim is VALID they will  likely leave the credit in your account (No guarantees)

If their investigation finds the merchant was CORRECT, they (the bank) will probably take back their temporary credit awarded you while they investigated your complaint. The banks will keep you informed of their actions, at least mine does.

Other actions to take:

Contact the Federal Trade Commission and make an ON LINE complaint. They are there for US !!!

TO Protect the consumers.

You may also contact the local Better Business Bureau and also write on various consumer complaint bords, so others are warned.

Please write to me if I could answer any questions. If I know, I’d gladly help. There are just TOO many crooks and too few  good people in this world. We MUST tip the balance in favor of the GOOD DEEDS. . Sorry for any misspellings. just too tired to check:(



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