1. This is currently happening to me, as I post. I contacted the company for an RMA to return the product. I got the runaround with attitude, “persistently saying go ahead, keep it for $43.00, then it went down to $22.00.” The ass on the other end of the phone was rude and insisted on explaining what a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) was as if I were an idiot!. I repacked the product on 10/14/2013, FIT 2 B TYED sent an item via USPS. The Tracking number for
    this article is 9400110200882929760400. As it turns out, reviewing my bank statement, they did not CANCEL my order and have charged me $196.77, ($95.41 on 10/28/13 – $101.36 11/8/13). Yesterday, I picked up my mail and low and behold I received more Rejuva glow. So now I have to contact the MFer’s and argue to cancel again. I have notified Wells Fargo and issued a fraud alert


  2. I have been ripped off by rejuviskin also. I didn’t even notice the charges in March but went to pay my credit card off as I always do and found 2 charges 89.73 from a company called brilliance on 3/17 and 97.28 by rejuviskin on 3/16. I contacted brilliance which I found out was Skin HD and stopped the order that was being charged that day of another 89.73. After a few phone calls and threats I was promised a full refund. Not so with rejuviskin, they were rude, hung up on me twice and when I finally did get to speak to a person who identified himself as Laz, only after trying to get me to give up by not speaking in lazy non-understandable English. I then asked who his boss was, he said Cory. I told them that I would keep posting and anything else I could think of and would make it my mission to try and rid society of these scam artists and their read the fine print… If you can find it. I have another jar on its way now, another 97.28 for crap. I will never order anything online again. Rejuviskin took pleasure in letting me know there was nothing I could do. Well, this is just the beginning.


    • I am sorry this is still happening. So sorry. Please call your credit card, ask them to stop future transactions and DISPUTE through your credit card or bank. There are invaluable comments on this blog, especially after I first POSTED which give an insight in this scheme which is far larger than I first thought!
      Someone gave the KEY to this whole scheme and explained that apparently the SAME people, once a PRODUCT gets a bad name, they change the name but they are the SAME people!!! This person gave a storage address in FL which NEVER changes. So this is a real scheme as we don’t know what NEW name they would change to next? Also file with Better Business and Federal Trade Commission. But if you read through the comments you will find even more info. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Rodica


  3. I fell for the free trial, then noticed there was 9 charges pending on my credit card for various trials, Luckily my credit card company texted me about fraud and all charges are being denied, canceling card and overnighting a new card, so they can’t come back and charge me. I also called to cancel and they kept trying to reduce the offer, I SAID NO, t a confirmation number. What a scam!


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  5. Okay. I just received notification via email that I was being charged $93 and change, twice for both Trial products, for which I supposedly enrolled in their monthly program. This notification of charge occurred before the 30 days was up. In fact, it’s only been two weeks.

    Here are a few points to throw back at these companies:
    1. A FREE trial is a FREE trial.
    2. Their language regarding enrollment in their monthly program is not clearly stated next to the 30 day trial. Furthermore, you can actually cancel at program AT ANY TIME. No organization can tie you to a product. They do NOT have a contract with you, nor did you sign anything.
    3. This is fraudulent. Throw that word out. Fraudulent billing, and misrepresentation of a product and program. Again, emphasize FREE trial. I asked them for their language. They didn’t give it to me. Duh. They didn’t supply it.
    4. The bank will work on YOUR behalf. All you have to do is inform your bank you never agreed to these charges, and they will reverse them without delay. These companies do not have a written approval, nor do they have a verbal recorded agreement.
    5. DO NOT call that customer service line. They will use language that will get you to innocently say words like “yes” to use as your approval. Respond to their “unmonitored” email. I responded, and they responded immediately.
    6. They negotiated with me, which indicates they know I have them. They offered a mere 35% off each bottle. Counter: Unacceptable. How about 100% since you are in violation of legal billing practices. They don’t want the hassle. Banks will also research this for you, and they know it, and they don’t want it.
    7. No such implicit agreement is BINDING. They know this. They have to allow for your disagreement and expression of dissatisfaction. They know it isn’t binding. Too bad for them if they shipped those, and billed. You have a free set of skin cream, which doesn’t work anyway.

    Use the language I have suggested, and I assure you, that’s all you will have to do. You have put it in writing, and you have made some actual legal terms.


      • I phone the bank, they said that I needed to contact the company and make the cancellation, they also mentioned I needed to ask for an RMA #, I phoned the company and they accepted the monthly cancellation,and give me no such a number and they also said that the charge they already made to my credit card (almost $400 for two products!!) was done because the 14 day trial expired on Sat. January 21s. (and it was already the 23rd.) and that I agreed to their Terms and conditions, after much allegation on my part, they told me a supervisor was going to contact me in 24 hours. So I called my bank back and I wanted to make sure no more charges will go through this company, and ask them to cancel the transaction as I have not authorized for those amounts. VISA said that they are familiar with this kind of businesses (and that it was not really a scam) and they couldn’t do much as I agreed to those Terms and conditions. One thing that I am sure is that I would have never agreed to be in contact to a product that is beyond my budget, if I have known the products were that expensive I wouldn’t even want the free samples in the first place, but the bank told me that the Terms and Conditions do explicit put the price, something I am pretty sure I did not see anywhere. So right now I am waiting for the manager and I don’t have any legal defense to stop this and I just feel I am being unjustly charged for products I know I cannot afford!!!


      • I am so sorry this continues and seems to get worse! If I were you, I’d call back Visa and tell them you contacted the marchant who REFUSED to credit you back with the charges you never agreed to. I cannot speak for any other Banks but mine did credit me the amount charged without My permission and started their own investigation. Their investigation showed I was correct and the charges were reversed. Each bank/card is different…
        Ask to speak with someone in charge of disputes at your credit card and explain you never agreed to any such terms and did try to negociate unsuccessfully. Please let us know WHAT is your card’s answer if you ask them to investigate but as they do that, give you a temporary credit. Keep us posted and good luck.


  6. Thank goodness my credit card company had already been alerted! Rejuva tried to charge my account $98. for a subscription I did not sign up for. All this skin care online is a huge hoax. I looked all over the Rejuva website & no where does it say I would be signing up for a subscription & paying $98. a month for a product that is just Olay in a different jar. Never again will I order any cosmetic online! Tumadres3@aol.com


  7. The same thing happened to me a free trial and they have been charging my account for three consecutive months 92.00 and 89.00 two separate charges and two months straight I have been ill and did not reconcile my account. I only ordered from one company but two are charging me monthly! companies called wrinklese and aviqua last month and two pending this month called Wrinkle and AVI


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