Internet Dating- A Woman’s Perspective. The Man from Ghana!

Internet dating is the way of the future, no doubt about it! However, we each have our own stories, and what follows is written to both entertain and alert “soul mate” seekers to the reality of what could happen, it does not mean it will happen to you. I know several internet dating stories which ended in “they happily lived ever after.”

This, as all stories on my blog, is true.

I was married twice, two long relationships, and raised a family. The third time around I was determined to use all that I know went wrong in my previous relationships, and turn mistakes into lif lessons.

For starters, I listened to all sensible advice and didn’t “jump” into another relationship, to repeat the pattern.  A very healthy attitude, to know yourself first, to discover what was your part in failed past relationships. In short to  turn past mistakes  into valuable life lessons. The ultimate goal: a happy relationship, as perceived by both partners!

In the process of taking a break, I become comfortable with my own company, the flexibility singlehood offered, the unconditional love of y dogs, the fun I had with my friends, even when I didn’t wear make up!

This in-between relationships period went on for a while, and I had to be told directly by people who love e, that I needed to get my act together and get a partner! 

The reasons why I should, were diverse, ranging from, no sex toy matches a real man, to wiser advice, such as, ” You must get a partner, if you get a cold, who will give you an Aspirin?!!”

I was thinking more in terms of cuddle, walking together, travel… and of course intimacy. However,  the Aspirin argument propelled me in the internet dating jungle again!

Once I signed up for one service, many other services got my profile, and I was bombarded with tantalizing  emails from, PetPeople (a site where most people don’t have pets, or they died long ago– the pets, I mean!), etc.

On a daily basis, I  received “winks,” “flirts,” “he chose YOU!!! WOW- great news,” HE is waiting for a reply! Click, click. I tried to reply! Oh, I couldn’t BEFORE I paid, generally $24.00 a month, but $14.00 if I was lucky and a “special was offered by the site.

Now that I was a legit “member,” I could check the potential partners’ emails.

Mostly, it turned out, these men were emailing a form letter, probably to several potential “soul mates,” at once.  

 Most times, I was clear-minded enough, to get it, especially, if I responded with a detailed email and he  wink back! Writing takes time and if “the soul mat” wrote to 50 women, chances are he will not have the time to  personalize the response to each of the hopeful. The other sign, that I might have been part of a hopeful group, was if his responses were addressed not to my name, but : “Hi Honey, sweetheart, dear, sugar…etc.” Very safe indeed, why risk to use the wrong name?

Propelled by everyone’s hints that if I don’t even try, to find a partner, than for sure I need to see a therapist (which I was  already  but no one knew about it!) I started to consider my options…

I opted for Why? Because the “matches were made by Dr. Fisher, a famous anthropologist whose works I admired. I paid, I wrote a “sincere” profile,  posted a recent picture and the winks,  flirts,  emails started to come in…

Wow, I thought, this IS the real thing!

After a few days, I  became interested in one particular Profile. Let’s call him Jim. Jim was in my age group, of European descent, his wife died a few years back and he posted a picture of himself with his two orphan daughters and a dog! Oh! Imagine my eagerness to respond to this man’s email, although he called me “dear,” I overlooked THAT flag because he was just too good looking to be a crook! I imagined how I was going to meet him and the girls, and  their dog and may be at some point cook them a hot meal! Poor dears, the wife and mother had died!

Quickly, the budding relationship progressed to emails. I had enough brains left to give him an email address allocated ONLY to junk mail and internet dating.

He pushed for Yahoo Instant Messenger! I could not install it, which propelled the “relationship further,” to telephone conversations!

He called me first and his voice sounded shaky… older than the age he stated… hmm may be not! He had an accent and so do I. Of course, we were BOTH from Europe! We bonded over our accents!

 Soon, he was texting or calling me twice a day: “Good morning honey! How was your day, sweetheart! Oh! We have a soul connection, This is meant to be!”

I was in Heaven! Then, I asked how old were his daughters, and he said 18 and 22…

The girls in the picture looked 10 and 12! No, I am too suspicious. Really!

After a few weeks, he asked me to “pray for him, because he bid on a contract and if he gets it,” we will ALL be rich! The prospects seemed tempting! I was already imagining myself in an informal off white dress, a low key wedding, since we were both married previously, and I was not a virgin, to dare wearing white. I  started to prayed with all my might, even lit candles.   Every night!

“It worked!” he announced after a few days: “Honey, your prayers worked, I was awarded the contract thanks to your prayers!”

I was overwhelmed by such newly discovered powers that I possessed and could use to make  contracts be awarded to whomever I chose!

All along, based on his profile, I thought he had a Construction Company but when I searched for his profile, to “refresh” my memory, the Profile was gone from the dating site!!!

I asked him, and  he said he took it off line because HE KNEW I WAS THE ONE!!!

Now, honestly, how flattering was this!? I bought the explanation because a woman’s ego is as great as a man’s!

A few days after he was awarded the contract he announced he must leave the country and go to Brazil! To Brazil? “Are you buying lumber, for your construction company?” I asked.

Lumber???? No, no lumber! He was going to buy GOLD!!!! LOTS OF GOLD!!! And if Brazil didn’t have ENOUGH gold for him, he will go to Ghana, Africa!  To fulfill the terms of the “contract awarded thanks to  my prayers!”

It all made sense. So… he left! An overnight flight and as soon as he arrived somewhere in Brazil, he called ME!!! His soul mate!  The caller ID read: UNKNOWN NUMBER… and he explained he was in some hotel, missing me soooo much, he couldn’t stop calling me long distance, because, what the heck, who cares about money when is real love!

At times he was fearful, did I speak with other men? Was I faithful? (To him, whom I never met…) I kept looking at the handsome Nordic looking guy’s picture, I was smart enough to “save” in my file before the profile vanished, and if I had any doubts at all, they disappeared when I looked (with my reading glasses) into his deep, dark blue eyes -in the picture!

After two days of “meetings” in Brazil, he told me that they couldn’t provide all the gold he needed, so, he had to go to Ghana! Ghana? I searched and discovered the company which he should have visited, was not in Ghana, but in South Africa! ONLY the mines were in Ghana!

I broke the news to my soul mate, but he insisted he was going to Ghana anyway! He will call me as soon as he got there, in Ghana, Africa!

Love hadn’t blinded me completely, and at that point, I called my cell phone provider to check IF I received ANY long distance calls. The customer service gal assured me I didn’t…

Yet, here he was, calling me from Ghana and this time a Ghana phone exchange and phone number SHOWED on my caller ID!

He was happy, what a great idea he went to Ghana! Gold was very cheap there and he expected to make lots of money and cover me, the woman of his dreams, in gold! After all, it was happening thanks to the power of my payers!

The twice a day calls from Ghana continued for another two days, then on a third day he told me he was “running out of money,” he was soooo close to closing the deal, and he didn’t think the shipment was going to be THAT expensive! He sounded sad. He was worried. I was empathetic. Encouraging. Offered MORE prayers. He said he asked a “friend from Maryland” to loan him money… but the hope was slim.

Yeah… realyl slim! I searched, in Google, not Bing, which keeps popping up on my computer, and discovered that for less than $3.00 a month, one could purchase an international forward phone calls plan. What that meant in “translation,” was that my soul mate could have called me from his basement anywhere in the U.S. but if he had purchased the international call forward plan, on my cell’s caller id it would show any country. In our case, 233, the Ghana exchange.

He called back again. He was heart broken. The friend from Maryland couldn’t help…

Such a shock!

“Honey, sugar… whatever, ” I said. “I have a solution to your problem!”

The tone of his voice changed abruptly, from hopelessness to interest: OH???? Tell me, dear, I knew you’d save me!”

“Well,” I asked, ” Are you married?”

“Married? Oh, no, how could I even THINK he was married when I was clearly his soul mate!!!”

He was excessively hurt by my question. I apologized. He accepted and I continued disclosing my wicked solution to his shipment problem:

“Sugar,” I said, “I know you love me, but hey, business is business. Why don’t you marry a rich woman from Ghana and I’m sure she’ll pay for the gold’s shipment and more!”

He started to stutter with indignation:

“Hhhooow…. cooolllddd I bb..e so crrrueell?” He still loved me but he hang up so he could recover from the shock of me being so logical and cold, and all business. All lemon, when he thought I was honey and sugar!

I thought this was the end of it, but to my surprise, he called back again. When the call came in, still from Ghana, I was with friends, trying to tell them the story. My girlfriend answered his call and for a good few minutes he spoke with her, thinking it was me. Then, confused, he hang up, to only call back again, minutes later! This time, we thought the introduction of a male “sugar,” will do the trick and stop the calls. My girlfriend’s husband answered on my cell, and told the man from Ghana:” This is Agent X. This phone has been confiscated! How could I help you?”

The man from Ghana hang up!

We all thought that was the end of another internet romance going sour.

A week later, the man from Ghana, contacted me again via email. Translation: he went from his Ghana basement to his living room or another room in the house in the U.S. (this is an assumption, because he could have been anywhere in the world!)

In his email, he confessed to me that he was confused,  the whole “relationship we had, was a NEW one on him!” (I bet!) He continued by saying that “mysteriously ALL our back and forth emails disappeared from the history of his computer! He didn’t understand… WHO WAS I, really ?”

I left my laptop opened to HIS email to answer a call. When I came back to it, within minutes, the email was no longer in my in box. It disappeared!!!!

The same day, I received an email from y email provider. Their security service noticed “suspicious activity to my account,” and strongly suggested I change my pass word, which I did. I, In fact, I changed my phone number too.

Just in case my prayers weren’t THAT powerful and The Man from Ghana was going to haunt me again!

The stories on this blog are all true and written from my personal perspective. If certain misfortunes happened to me, it does not mean they will happen to others. Stay tuned for more truth be told:)


15 thoughts on “Internet Dating- A Woman’s Perspective. The Man from Ghana!

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  2. Oh my! What a story! I had two previous marriages, and a bunch of dates, (before and after the marriages, none during…I wouldn’t do that!) I too thought I was “ready” to make one good union based on my “no-no” list from the first two lousy ones.

    Well, it is a marriage. Ups, downs, goods, bads…but that is it! No more. If this one goes sour…I’m not looking for #4! I don’t care how many compatibility questions there are, nor how many “winks” “flirts” “pokes” “kisses” “hugs” “waves” “smiles” “nods” or whatever else they may give me…I’m retired from the marriage game!

    Great post! love the humor…



  3. Hello, i believe that i noticed you visited my
    website thus i came to go back the want?.I’m attempting to find issues to improve my site!I suppose its adequate to make use of some of your ideas!!


    • Hello,
      I did not visit your site and using others ideas without their approval is called plagiarism and is punishable by law.
      Please do not visit my site or use any of my ideas, as I am not giving you permission to do so. If you start a blog, you are EXPECTED to know the basic laws of this trade. If I ever hear from you again I will report you to WP and block you.


      • The moment they ask for money then it means its a red flag,unless your are blinded by love.Another way to keep them off is to is to irritate them like how you to told him that he should marry a lady from Ghana and he will have easy access to the gold.You can also play along will you suspect foul play and let them know when you are done with them

        Lastly,let us remember that there is identity theft ,so that means he could be using someones picture and information to commit the crime .Who knows he might not be Ghanaian .


      • Thank you for your comment and ideas.
        You are correct, this man was not from Ghana. He never claimed to be from Ghana, but IN GHANA, buying such a huge quantity of gold, he didn’t have funds to transport it:) and needed my help! A loan!
        He was “banking” on TWO human traits:
        1. This woman’s (me:) trust and love (we were soul mates)
        2. The desire to make money IF I helped him transport this huge quantity of gold to the U.S.

        The NEW element in this story, and what I HOPE everyone will remember to check next time you receive an overseas call, is that there is a feature, INTERNATIONAL CALL FORWARD, which could be purchased. That feature makes it irrelevant to rely on any area code displayed on your phone! The caller could be next door to you, but it could “look” he/she is in Ghana, or anywhere!

        The only way one could tell for sure if they received an overseas call, is by calling their phone company (i.e. T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT &T etc) and ASK the operator IF THEIR ACCOUNT shows any overseas calls

        Since it was first posted, this article was read and helped many people avoid potential disasters.
        In 2015 I wrote a follow up entitled, Internet Dating, A Woman’s Perspective and updated the information on the topic after doing first-hand research. That article too continues to help many readers.

        As with all our articles, The Nude Truth remains committed to writing just that: THE TRUTH, an all the topics discussed.
        I try to present these serious situations in a humorous manner, as “laughter IS best medicine!”
        Thank you for reading and following The Nude Truth.
        Rodica Mihalis
        Author/Blogger (The Nude Truth)
        Life Cross- Roads Coaching, M.S. Counseling and Clinical Psychology


  4. Nice read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he just bought me lunch since I found it for him smile Thus let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!


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