Why It’s Called The Practice Of Medicne, CONTINUED

This is the title of one of the posts earlier on my blog, it has been one of the most read posts, but not nearly as popular as the post about Women Dating Younger  men:)


This post is about the surprises I encounter during a visit to a new specialist and how perfection of doctors needs to be questioned to keep ourselves save!

Last week, I had to revisit the horriffying truth that what I state during a visit to a doctor, may NOT end up in my medical file, as the doctor adds or leaves out important parts.

I was seeing a new doctor, and two hours into waiting in his waiting room I was promoted to waiting in one of those  small, treatment rooms. The nurse was nice and she took a thorough history, but when the God Doctor showed up at last, it was clear he did not read either the MRIs  or typed list of medications I brought with me, nor did he read the history taken by his own nurse. After a brief examination, of about 10 minutes, the God Doctor left me alone in the treatment room again. There was so much silence, and suddenly through the thin wall of the exam room I heard the voice of God Doctor making his dictation about my case. I listened, and listened some more. My heart pounded:”Is this MY case he talks about?”

After over 4 hours of waiting I finally went home, but the dictation I heard through the wall of the treatment room continued to worry me. It was wrong, the whole story he was dictating for MY medical file, was wrong.

Later in the week I asked my primary physician to give me a copy of the letter this specialist mailed my primary physician. That what this doctor wrote in my medical file is wrong, is an understatement. It is dangerous, as very serious conditions are not mentioned as they should be or are misinterpreted. One of the key sentences, could be considered funny, if it weren’t for me to be the subject: “She reports chronic, daily pain which comes and go…” Please, God Doctor, make up your mind, does it come and go, or is daily and chronic?

Lesson I learned:

From now on I will present the doctors with a ONE-PAGE medical history and ask them to file it on my medical file, together with a list of medication and my power of attorney.

Sorry today’s post is not funny, but some day it may save your life.

Have a good week.  

3 thoughts on “Why It’s Called The Practice Of Medicne, CONTINUED

  1. excellent post. so true. always frustrated me when drs reports say “patient states…” or “denies having” really? If I was having problems with what you asked I would tell you, dumb doctor…didnt you take a class on how to listen? apparently not. I am very lucky to have a specialist that actually listens and hears all at the same time and who treats me like an individual not a text book. Keep blogging please. As I will keep reading.


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