Foods that Reduce Inflammation and Some Beauty Secrets

There is much talk about how  harmful inflammation is for our bodies. Over the years I geather information about various foods to help with reducing the inflamation in our bodies.

Recently I visited the site which has exceptional information on this subject.

I am determined to make a list and next time I shop to buy ONLY foods which have anti inflammatory properties.

For starters, cook with OLIVE OIL. Grape seed or avocado oil are also good for both your heart and brain.

Avoid red meats which could trigger inflammation, instead eat fish (salmon tuna,snapper, bass) they are rich in omega 3-fatty acids.

Snack on nuts and fruits: berries, apples, pineapple,walnuts, almonds hazelnuts, sunflowers seeds. Use herbs in your cooking: basil, oregno, parsley, rosemary, mint, thyme. Garlic is a MUST as it has many health benefits. To clean up your breath use mint.

Turmeric is in a class of its own for its overall anti inflammatory propertiesImage.

Make a marinade and keep in the refrigerator: Olive oil, chopped garlic is a basic. I use it when I toast bread. Add to this basic marinade any herbs you like.

I left the best for last: CHOCOLATE — with a cocoa content over 70% is good for us!

Substitute coffee with grean tea. A perfect food, to combine many anti inflammatory foods is SUSHI !

The Beauty tip for today is how to take care of eye and face puffiness. These easy remedies come from an NBC Today’s Show. Anything cold will reduce inflammation. A compress soaked in cold SOY milk, or using cucumbers on your eyes  and face to reduce puffiness. Products which contain caffeine are also beneficial and I was not fast enough to write the name of a new Garnier product mentioned on the show, but I will searched for it anyway:)

How was your week? Any tips you would like to share with us are appreciated.The goal is to learn things which will make our lives better in a variety of fields.

Have a good weekend, everyone! 

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