Update– new blogs

Hello friends,

Memoirs from My  Two Lives found a publisher. I am actively working on additions, changes, a new title and a front cover design. I asked my daughter, Eva, to edit and Natalie to design the front cover. After that is done and my part of the work completed, the publisher will design a presale website for the book. Based on the success of that site, books will be published. So no unnecessary trees will be cut. I will let you know when that site is ready.

Meanwhile, I continue to post on new subjects:

One, is a poetry site, Skeletons from the Closet of my Heart

The second, which I am hoping will be interractive,

www.theupsanddownsofdating.WordPress.com and is entitled Dating and Laughter.

The newest subscriber to this blog, has her own cool blog entitled  transcendingdistance. I thought, the next post on my Dating and Laughter blog will touch  in the next post on this subject and how different it could be for different people, depending on their specific situations.

I must confess, I became addicted to blogging (who would have thought:)?

Please visit the two active blogs:

 Skeletons from the Closet of my Heart (Poetry — yes, very short poems, I promise you will not fall asleep trying to finish one:))

 and the newest, Dating and Laughter  and let’s share and learn.

New blog address is:


Thank you for continuing to read and for your comments. They are much appreciated.

Have a nice weekend everyone. God bless our journeys..

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