Please Visit New Blog

Hello friends,

As promised a new blog was started on June 4, and a new, lighter theme: Dating and Laughter (the name of the blog)

Thank you again to all those that read the posts on Memoirs from My Two Lifes. The good news is  that I was offered a publishing contract but I have  a LOT of work ahead of me. I will add and change certain stories because this was not supposed to be a book, it was a blog, but having my book published  was always a dream! There is also a surprise Book COVER and TITLE. If all goes well the publishing company will design a website for the book where you could see the details. I expect this to be my birthday present in mid-July and will let you know the link.

Meanwhile, I miss blogging, so let’s enjoy Dating and Laughter!

If you have a moment, please add your own experiences and comments.

I hope it will make us smile but also we will learn from past experiences and from one another.

Best to all,


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