Immigrants and “real” Americans… Fate or Positive Thinking?

When I started this journey of writing

 my memoirs, was because I broke an ankle and was stuck in my bed! I named it “Memoirs from My Two Lives,” because I am an immigrant. 

Many of you  chose to accompany me  on this writing journey, thus making it a pleasure for me to continue to write. I thank you.

I started this journey when I was really angry because I broke my ankle and that was the last thing I needed to happen at the time. I had just moved near Harrisburg and had no friends here! Now I have good neighbors and we care about one another.

In December, when I started to write, I had to cancel a trip to California to visit my younger  daughter and meet her husband I was also hoping to see my oldest, now in Medical School at Harvard. The broken ankle ruined my plans!

 Fate or Positive Thinking? What determines our lives?

I shared with you my personal journey because this is the only one I know intimately, but I hope some of the things I shared will make some of you think of their own lives.

 Now, at the end of this journey, I am asking again:

Is it Fate that determines what happens to us, or could we change everything by the way we think? Could I have “wished” to be born in America instead of Romania?

My personal conclusion is that it’s a little of both, we are born with a certain fate, but it’s the way we look at it, what we do with what is given to us that determines our life.

I might imagine that three days after her marriage to Prince Charming, Cinderella put back her rags and cleaned the kitchen floors, or that the Prince, after a while turned back into a frog because this was his comfort zone…

However, I chose to imagine they lived happily everafter! Choices, it is the choices we make with what is handed on our plates of life  that matter. Of course this is a personal conclusion and in America we have the freedom to say what we believe.  This is why so many people chose to come here.

I am an immigrant from Romania and I have lived half my life in Romania and half my life here. I am bilingual and I had the unique opportunity to live in two cultures, two lives and to conclude that we are not that different after all.

It is not the economics of life but the emotions common to the human race, not Americans, Mexicans, Romanians or Australians, that make us who we are. We may express our emotions differently, but they are the same emotions for all

It is the inside, not the outside which defines us as The Human Race. A superior race!

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