Why I Didn’t Post in Two Weeks -Intermission II

Since this blog as well as poetryrodicamihalis.WordPress.com mean so much to my life right now (being the only positive activities I can engage in), I thought I owed a short explanation to the almost 1,300 who viewed the blog, and almost 270 who follow the poetry blog.

After my last post on God, Spirituality and Confusion, as if God had heard me and wanted to confirm my doubts, I received a call from my daughter, Eva, who studies medicine at Harvard, that she needed emergency surgery. Needless to say, as if I needed more proof to be confused,… I was taken by my good neighbors to the first available AmTrack and traveled all night.

I arrived in Boston just in time for her surgery Friday morning and beside the nerve racking pressure and the small inconveniences (that is by comparison, as each of the small inconveniences may seem huge to others), I felt comfortable leaving Eva alone on Tuesday night, when, again, I traveled overnight back to Harrisburg.

I arrived home and have since been so tired, sick and tired that it is hard to recover and write, as each of the entries require the reading of many journals, research and remembering the past which I experienced,, or tried to forget.

My blood pressure had been so high, and I was unable to control it with medications and baby aspirin (a MUST) that I was just about to go to ER when we got a tornado warning and my house looked like a sieve, the rain was pouring in the kitchen, bathroom and other places in the house…I thought, no point to drive to ER in the mist of a tornado warning, afterall perhaps I was finally shown a “sign,” and what would have been the point?

I stayed put and waited for fate to manifest… ? 

Other than being soaked, exhausted and in the mist of a house which clearly needs repairs, and with my blood pressure still up, nothing happened. Watching the news, I became worried for those less fortunate than me (yes, there are such people, unfortunately) who didn’t make it, who got stuck in their cars, who died during tornados… and I cried for them.

This morning, just like in real life, the Sun is out, all is peaceful and the storms of last night are gone!

My hope is that some day, hopefully soon, our lives, my girls and mine, and many other lives in japordy at the present, will mimic nature and we will be again peaceful, sometime… soon.

Later today I will resume posting in chronological order.. This was an “intermission,” as life continues at a speed my blog doesn’t seem to be able to catch up with… for now.

have a blessed Easter and Holiday, those who celebrate and a good life in general, all of you.




PS. No, I don’t anymore, in case someone wondered, and yes, there is a story behind that decision too, and it is meaningful… to me. Isn’t this what counts?

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