Forward — How Much Control Do We Really Have?

Immigration, legal or illegal, has been in the news lately.  It stirred debates, it hurt feelings, it destroyed lives.  It placed  those who immigrated recently in a category of “unwanted,” although we are a country of immigrants with the exception of Native Americans. Somehow, it has been forgotten that we all came from somewhere at one time or another.  

My memoir, tells the story of what we, the recent  immigrants, have in common with everyone else, no matter when we arrived in America.  The focus is on the universal human  experiences, emotions, wants and needs as experienced by the human race, and  as I experienced them not as an immigrant but as a human being.

Regardless of when and how we arrived in America, most of use came here for the same purpose: FREEDOM!

Did we have a choice as to where we were born? Could anyone “think positively and be born elsewhere?  We couldn’t will our birth, but later in life we could make choices.

 I defected from Romania, I chose freedom!  Lately,  “The Secret,” made  popular the idea that one could accomplish anything by the power of positive thinking, but could we really? 

In the beginning of my memoir I  wrote briefly about  the real power of positive thinking  and how it relates to the concept of luck. How we have choices but also limitations. 

My memoir is about how  a woman who happened to be an immigrant  from Romania  lived in America. What defined her life? The fact that she was an immigrant or the common human experiences and emotions? What was the core of her life:  Hope, love, hate, divorce, parenting, suicide of someone close and the triumph over cancer and unimaginable hardships, or where she came from?  

I have had the unique opportunity to experience two  enemy systems: communism and capitalism. For that reason, the title of  my book is, “Memoirs from My Two Lives.”  However, the emotions experienced under both systems are similar, they are the core of who we really are, not our place of birth.

Regardless of where, when  or how we came to America, we came to be free, we came to be happier ! What we planned and the reality of our lives … how much control did I have, could be questionable…

Please read on and find out… the truth!

3 thoughts on “Forward — How Much Control Do We Really Have?

  1. Rodica, I am attempting to subscribe to your blog and having difficulty in doing so. I hope this works. Your writing is captivating, and your messages are profound!


    • Thanks for reading, Sandra. Your subscribing seems to have worked. I am new at this and don’t completely understand the technology of it. For that reason all posts connect to my facebook and that seems to work so far. Writing, which at some point was my goal in life, was completely neglected for years because of “lack of time”. Now, with one fractured ankle and a sprained other, I have no excuses! The theme of luck, destiny and the overly stated power of positive thinking and “The Law of Attraction” have been on my mind for a long time. As I continue to research, I discover that so many highly intelligent reporters, researchers, writers and people of common sense understand the simplicity and unfairness of telling someone that they have cancer because they couldn’t think positive enough. Oh! and even if one does think positive and is still not working and they loose their job, guess what? it’s still their fault because UNLESS one engages the subconscious mind, it will not work:). This is not to say positive thinking doesn’t have a role in one’s life and we all know attitude is important, but everything taken that far only makes people feel inadequate, guilty, as if they are defective and “don’t get it”. I am thinking of you and hope your car problem is being solved. So that was the premise and then I thought it would be interesting and healing to see how these “laws” applied to my life.


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